Relaxation of the muscles and a decrease in blood pressure are present – but in the background, and the main plan is a vigorous cerebral high, moving the user to the peak of activity! Everyone experiences the charge of sativa energy from AK-47 in different ways, but people agree on one thing: this is a state of maximum efficiency and involvement in the moment, reminiscent of “enlightenment”. The action of these candy-scented inflorescences usually pushes a person into decisive vigorous activity and is ideal for creativity, relaxation in the bosom of nature, a date or intimate interaction. The effect lasts 1.5-2.5 hours and is suitable for any time of the day.

ATTENTION! The price is for 1 seed.

Feminized AK-47 testing.

Conditions: 0.3 g boshek, pocket bong, dusk, man, body weight 67 kg.

18:13 Smoked half of the probe. It tastes a little coniferous, unusually easy to smoke, although the smell of the cones themselves is quite pungent, almost reminiscent of Skunk. In half a minute, while I exhaled and emptied a cup of bong, my head somehow turned yellow. In fact, it’s a yellow desk lamp, but its color has just gotten richer. More precisely, I began to feel more in this light – it seems to me that all my feelings and thoughts have become yellow. Warm and joyful. If you were close to me, I would hug you.

18:16 I was split in two: I think a simple thought “bang more”, but at the same time I am inactive and watch the sunset. Kalash literally made me drop my hands, they lie on the table with funny pasta. In general, almost everything makes me laugh, especially my work – a citizen staggered to the complete dissolution of the brain, and this is such a job, and it needs to be done with high quality. Therefore, I turn on quality music (today Depeche Mode, Album Playing the Angel). A familiar feeling: as if I shake finely, vibrate back and forth very often, but with such a short amplitude that it is not immediately noticeable. This is sometimes the case when boski come across strongly tonic. Dancing to Lilian like an overlapping shaman

18:34 Kalashnikov is a very fresh piece in every sense. I want to say that the sensations from the very first poke of cones are repeated after a couple of years of using a not too steep cut, occasionally interspersed with a shawl: a feeling of rejuvenation, as if I did not just become 14 years old again, but I also feel with all my body and soul, what happiness is youth. Euphoria. Life is my birthday. How cool.

18:56 I remember that my djembe (a leather drum on which my hands knock) is present in the laboratory. As a first experiment, I turn off the lights, curtain the windows and turn on the most teenage music, Nirvana.

19:32 The playlist is over, so I tapped out the rhythm for almost forty minutes. Under the AK-47, any interaction with music is simply mesmerizing, the closer, the more dizzying. The body is very relaxed and capable of the finest strokes of movement and, most importantly, when you do something interesting, your attention is focused on it and everything else becomes flat and fake, and the action is brought to perfection. Drumming in this state is like flying through eternity. The sounds of an electric guitar fly like sun spray and make you squint. From Cobain’s vocals, the hair stands on end (on the head too). I knock softly in silence for a while. The body sways loosely from side to side to put expression in the strokes, but this back and forth movement is like a pendulum independent of me. I just listen to how the emptiness under the tight membrane sings in different voices, I don’t remember anything and I don’t feel the body.

20:01 He doesn’t let me go one iota, hides me even more from what is happening. I want to move and cool down at the same time, I take my headphones and go for a walk. It was already dark. The city seems to me to be an artificial forest, everywhere various animals in appropriate clothes are prowling around, and although now everyone is just knocking home, you still feel who is used to sniffing out and snatching what kind of prey in their forest. I walk exclusively to the rhythm of the headphones, while everyone around me is also in full harmony with them. Even the traffic light flashes and switches on time. The tasty air is somewhat reminiscent of a watermelon, spring is coming. For about fifteen minutes, it seems to me, I’m eating a viscous Mars bar. Again, focus: AK-47 draws all my attention to taste, and my whole world is now nougat and caramel.

20:52 Returned to the laboratory. The thirst for activity and impressions has passed, I want to be in silence. This, apparently, in the case of Kalash means “released”. I am far from sobriety, but I am completely calm and the only thing in the world is enough for me – tea with lemon. This is where the trip report can be finished, since the subject then relaxed while reading. Reading is also an extraordinary experience with the AK-47. I can’t resist adding that the trip was the most vivid cannabinoid experience in my life, it came off to its full height.