TVs with a curved screen – pros and cons.

The shape of TV with a curved screen no longer amazes anyone. Models of this type are forever fixed in the minds of buyers of electronics stores.

But what, after all, so good curved TVs, whether they provide an average quality of display and sound, and what solution is worth choosing? The answers to these questions can be found in the article below?

TVs with a curved screen – the pros and cons.

While it may seem that curved TVs are a solution that has been available on the market for a short time, their manufacturers simply used the effect used in IMAX theaters, in which the screens are also not perfectly ordinary. Thanks to the image acquires additional depth, creating a great movie watching experience. Curved TVs are very similar. What is the paradox of them all?

The curvature of the curved screen is similar to the curvature of the human eye, so any point on the screen is at a similar distance from the eye. What this leads to in practice? The light reaches the pupil at the same moment, so there are no contrast refractions. This also leads to a better TV viewing experience.

Moreover, the special design makes it possible to optically enlarge the display surface, which has a positive effect on the comfort of use.

Is it worth it to take a curved TV?? The following list, representing the advantages and disadvantages of such models will help dispel doubts.

Advantages and disadvantages of Curved TV.

The advantages of TVs with a curved screen:

The best viewing experience and console games great image depth wide viewing angle best contrast (no distortion on the sides of the screen) the least difficulty with the uniformity of backlighting.

Disadvantages of televisions with a curved screen :

Contrary to what manufacturers say, there are problems with reflections To feel the real benefit of the curved screen, you need to sit down next to the TV highest cost.

Compared with traditional solutions, curved TVs provide a huge reality of viewing images, so when we watch a movie, we can feel like we’re in a real movie theater. It is also worth directing attention to the accurate color reproduction and appropriate shape of the curved TV. You can not go by it phlegmatically. So if you are looking for equipment that will be fun not only with its ability, but also appearance, you should choose a TV with a curved screen .

Curved TV perfectly suits the modern interior. It will also fit perfectly into a traditionally decorated living room. All thanks to a timeless design.

What’s more, most curved-screen TVs are packed with additional innovations, such as:

Three-dimensional picture display.

All this makes curved TVs very popular. But when choosing them, keep in mind that they are not completely perfect solutions. First, to get a sense of depth we should sit next to the screen. This requires a proper installation of TV, preferably mounted on the wall.

Secondly, the wrong placement of the equipment can lead to side reflections on the display. This is the case when a window or lamp is on a wall parallel to the TV. Then the reflection of light will be visible on the display. Many people do not dare to buy a model with a curved screen for one more reason – the overhead equipment.

Until recently, in order to enjoy the depth of experience, the user had to sit directly in front of the screen. When he looked at the TV screen from the side, the quality of display was not the highest. Fortunately, manufacturers have solved this problem with the help of IPS LCD with a wide viewing angle and OLED.

Curved TV – is it worth it?.

Curved TVs have two main advantages that make them worthwhile. First, they are better for the human eye. Secondly, they offer the highest display quality – they reproduce colors very well and have the least amount of contrast distortion.

Curved equipment is a perfect solution for players who connect the console to the TV. Sitting next to the screen, they can fully immerse themselves in the game world. A curved TV perfectly conveys the realism of the image displayed.

Curved TV – what to choose.

Although the first curved TV appeared only at the turn of 2014-2015, their market offer is very diverse. On the one hand, it allows the consumer to find something appropriate to personal needs, preferences and affordability. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to choose. It is worth to consider some basic reasons, which will help us to choose the best solution:

To enjoy an unforgettable experience, it is ideal to find models that:

offers 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160), the highest screen resolution available today (8K is available, but for now those are for real geeks). It reproduces colors and details perfectly, so we can enjoy the highest quality of images. Have a screen diagonal of over 50 5 inches – so we can almost feel as if we’re in a cinema.

Moreover, if we want to turn our living room into an entertainment center, make sure the TV we choose is a Smart TV. With special software you can not only watch TV programs, but also use the web, social networks or streaming platforms. In addition, the curved TV must provide high quality sound.

Curved TVs – recommended models.

When choosing a curved TV, we can also be governed by the reputation of the brand. The most popular are:

Curved TV Samsung – in its own offer manufacturer offers televisions with curved screen of different diagonal, so we can simply choose the model that suits our needs and preferences. Regardless of size, Samsung Curved TV offers the highest quality of display and sound. LG Curved TV – like Samsung, very excellent sound and picture characteristics. Logically, this is a fairly uncommon choice.

Recommended TVs with curved screen.

TV Samsung UE55NU7300U TV Samsung UE49NU7300U TV Samsung UE65MU6500U.

Curved TV – the cost.

As already mentioned, the TV with a curved screen is more expensive compared to standard models. This is due to their special design and picture quality that they offer.

How it looks in practice? Almost everything depends on the brand of TV, its diagonal and the technology used, for example, curved 65-inch Samsung TV (technology 4K Ultra HD) is about 70 thousand rubles or more.

To summarize, we can say that curved TVs are very popular, especially among gamers and fans who watch movies. They offer indescribable memories. When choosing a good model, focus not only on the price, but also on the standard resolution and diagonal. These two factors largely determine the quality of display displayed on the screen.